What is a novel?

Your novel might take you a full year to write and it may be the quickest way to make you a millionaire, but you’ll have to be one of the very few who sell enough copies of your book for you to even manage a living from writing novels. A novel can capture your heart, enrage you, drive you crazy and yet calm you.

What makes a novel a novel?

Essentially, a novel is a work of fiction. It’s a long story and it isn’t poetry. Even when it is based on real life and perhaps historical facts, the story and incidents are being made up by the writer. Most novels are written across 50,000 words if you’re writing a teenager’s novel, whereas adult fiction will take you to around 80,000 words. If you become a successful writer, you are able to take up to 140,000 words to complete your project. Those words are usually published in books ranging from 250 to 500 pages, but this is almost irrelevant now to the 40% of books that are read on eReaders where page numbers mean nothing.

Leading your story

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Some people choose to just fire up their computer and write while others plan out each part of their story before they even begin writing. You can make up stories based on your life’s experiences or expectations. Some fiction novels contain similarities to real life, but unless you’re a part time murderer, then all of your writing about a murder mystery will have to based on research, information from news stories or blatant lies.

Some novelists choose to lead their story with the characters taking main roles, helping the reader follow each person’s individual lives. Others prefer to use the plot; the actions in the story, to take precedence.

The story can be heard from a narrative point of view where a person can see everything that is happening in the story, while some writers choose to write in the first person, where you can only tell about events that you actually see, as the character in the novel.

Only a few writers consistently have their books published professionally and some are very lucky to be able to make an exceptional living from this type of work. With the advent of modern technology, more writers are self publishing their book – they pay to have it printed and the marketing will be charged to their personal financial reserves. Most self published writers only sell a few hundred copies of their book, but every now and again one does sell a million copies or more. That’s your challenge if you intend to find the time to write a page or two every day for a year. After editing, your novel will be ready to publish.